Dr. Deepti
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About Dr. Deepti


As a double Board Certified Internal and Bariatric Physician Dr. Deepti
Sadhwani is respected around the world for her work and dedication to
humanity and the health crisis that we are facing. She specializes in disease
prevention, reversal of active diseases, Bio-Identical hormone therapy and
weight management. Dr. Deepti focuses on each patient and their individual
needs and medical issues.

She is passionate about her patients understanding how they contribute to
their wellness by their lifestyle and nutrition habits. Usually with simple
adjustments and taking the right supplements her patients see significant
improvement in their health, energy levels, weight, and sex lives.
Dedicated to research of the processes of understanding the relationship
between nutrition and metabolism has led Dr. Deepti to change the lives of
thousands that suffered unnecessarily from diabetes, heart disease, dementia,
male and female hormonal issues, joint pain, migraine headaches, weight gain,
and diminished sex drives.

In her research to determine what is causing devastating illnesses she
discovered that inflammation of the cells is the root cause of most major
diseases. The health crisis that we are facing is straight forward in its root
cause and that is the foods we eat. The results are a society that is overweight.
This condition creates visceral fat that surrounds our organs, these organs can
not function properly and thus the disease process begins.

She found the answer to what will reverse these conditions. A few simple
changes to the foods one eats and the addition of high quality Omega-3 fish
oil. And in most cases the amount of prescription drugs that her patients were
taking is significantly reduced or eliminated all together.

The products that are on the market are unacceptable to Dr. Deepti so she has
formulated her on high quality line of supplements. The results are seen
everyday with patients losing weight, becoming healthy and active, with a
renewed sense of life.

These results are not by chance, this is evidenced based medicine and
evidenced based wellness. When that is combined with a patients commitment
to their own health they will experience dramatic lifetime improvement.
Dr. Deepti provides the highest level of medical care with incredible
compassion to each of her patients.

“If there is one thing I have learned about myself, it is that I am most happy when I
am serving others. It is this that motivates me, every day, to be not only a good
physician, but a good community member and a good mother. I am passionate about
empowering my patients and fellow community members on the importance of a
healthy diet and exercise. Our bodies have built-in mechanisms of healing; however,
we are responsible for providing the raw materials. I, like many parents, am also
motivated by my family. We raise our families hoping to instill values such as
generosity and service but I have realized there is no better way than to live those
values myself. I want my children to be a part of a healthier generation, and I know as
a physician and community outreach volunteer, I can help make a tremendous
difference. I bring that same energy to my business. Businesses today are taking
responsibility for their communities. My business, in particular, has supported several
volunteer projects and organized several complimentary lectures to bolster the
overall health of our town. In truth, it is the people of this town that motivate me in my
business to strive to be the best. Witnessing the transformation my patients complete
and seeing them in a happier life inspires me to strive to be at the top of my field. I
dedicate an hour every night to reading the newest and most impactful articles in
medicine. It only fits that if educating my patients is motivation, educating myself
carries the same significance. This community has given my family and me so much;
I am honored to serve until I can no longer do so. Leadership is best defined as both
influence and servant hood. I am motivated to lead by serving and serve by leading.”