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Age Management

Having preached evidence based medicine for the past 25 years I have now realized that the focus has truly been geared towards using drugs to treat illness as opposed to helping individuals improve their overall wellness.


Today, healthcare in the United States consumes nearly 18% of the gross domestic product or about $3.2 trillion dollars per year. The amount spent on healthcare is more than three times the amount spent on education and nearly five times more than spent on the military. The biggest industry we have in the United States is treating sick people, and it's growing. That's not how you make America great.


Much of our current health care expense comes from the treatment of chronic disease. Most of which have a metabolic origin. That means they are primarily diet-induced.


Certain inflammatory food in our diet causes inflammation that leads to chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.


We need a shift from treating chronic disease to preventing chronic illness. Our current thinking is if we don't have chronic disease, or your lab results are normal, then you're probably well.


Most chronic diseases take long years to develop from low level chronic inflammatory assault at a cellular level. The usual treatment after that point is taking drugs for a lifetime to manage the symptoms, but not the underlying cause (cellular inflammation) that caused the loss of function in the first place.


Age Management Medicine uses an integrative approach which combines evidence based medicine with evidence based wellness and takes proactive measures to provide optimal health. Our experience is the body heals itself if we provide the five essentials of healing; nutrition, hormones, proper supplements, avoiding toxins, and living a spiritual soulful life. We enhance your health & vitality so you can age gracefully and live a full life free of chronic diseases.