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Andy’s Story

My mother not only gave me life she saved my life.

As a teenager my focus was on fun and food. That came to an abrupt halt.

Finding blood in the toilet was terrifying. And then I had to tell my parents, both of whom are physicians.

This became a life changing event for my entire family. Upon hearing the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, that it would be necessary to remove my colon and a colostomy bag would be attached to me for the rest of my life sent my mother into a tailspin. She could not accept that this would be happening to her son. Because of who she is it wasn't long before she was entirely focused on finding the cause of this disease. She figured it out. No surprise to me. Proper nutrition and high quality Omega-3 fish oil and polyphenols was the answer, no surgery and no bag.

How do you thank someone for that? My ulcerative colitis was caused by inflammation of the cells brought on by the foods that I was eating. Normal American teenage consumption of pizza, burgers, fries, soda. Those foods became a thing of my past. Not long ago while on vacation I decided that it wouldn't hurt to stray off of the eating plan that had worked so well for so many years. What a mistake! And of course my mother had told me this would happen.

Lesson learned Mom.

My mothers unrelenting determination lead her to discover not only the cause of most major diseases she also discovered the way to reverse and prevent most of the diseases that plague our society.

My mother, Dr. Deepti Sadhwani, is incredibly devoted to humanity. It is said that all things happen for a reason. It seems that the reason for my diagnosis changed the course of her medical career and thus she has helped and healed countless patients.

Because of her love and determination I am a very healthy, happy man.