So in February the CDC released some surprisingly positive, if not conspicuous data about childhood obesity rates, reporting a 43% decline in 2-5 year olds.

Critics of the report surfaced almost immediately and with good reason.

A study released this week contradicts the CDC data, saying childhood obesity is worse today than in 1999, meaning it’s worse than ever.

But it got me thinking…

Are we numbing ourselves to the obesity epidemic?

Latching onto any “good news” without really thinking if it makes sense based on what we are seeing with our own eyes?

Is it becoming socially acceptable to be obese?

I recently spent a day at a Florida waterpark.

It seems that being overweight is not really a big deal to many of today’s youth (or their parents).

Were it not for the fact that this attitude puts kids at grave risk for disease, pain, suffering and ultimately premature death, it wouldn’t be a problem.

I’m not concerned with how they look in a bathing suit.

The problem is that very few overweight youth are in good metabolic health. (we provide in-depth diagnostic services to determine the precise status of metabolic health for QHC patients)

Another recent article I read talks about a mobile app that makes you look skinnier in your “selfies”.

Is this the American youths’ idea of dealing with excess weight?

Parents play a vital role in helping to educate their children on the dangers of a poor diet and being overweight.

If you want to support a healthy future for your child, you can start by educating yourself and your children on the real cause of the obesity and diabetes crisis in America, which is rapidly spreading across the world.

There are practical and realistic steps your family can take to dramatically enhance your well-being and enjoyment of life.

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