It’s coming up on that time of year when we start thinking about losing unwanted weight, starting an exercise program, eating healthier, etc. etc. You know the drill. At Quality Health Care we know it all too well.

Most of our staff has been in this position and made the decision to follow Dr. Deepti’s Lifestyle program. It is not just about weight loss it is about your overall health. Your health now and as you age. Dr. Deepti has spent years researching the causes of disease and it all comes down to the food that we eat. Which means you have choices, you are in charge of what you choose to eat. And we will show you how to make great choices that will that improve your well-being.

If you knew that diabetes, heart disease, or dementia was in your future would you do something to prevent that from happening? This is not one of those scare tactic letters, this is to get your attention and have you make a good decision concerning your health. Major diseases are preventable. It is not a hard arduous task. Dr. Deepti has done the hard work, she knows the answers. You simply need to decide how your health future is going to unfold.

If you were on the program and have fallen off the track we are here to assist you in getting right back to where you should be. If you haven’t made the commitment to yourself to improve your health we are here for you. We have an excellent team of dedicated medical professionals that are here for you to answer questions, assist you when you are unsure, to share their stories so that you can see the results. We walk the way we talk.

Here is what is hard, listening to the results of medical testing and finding out that you have a disease that could have been prevented. If you are now in that position we are who you need to call. We can reverse most major diseases, we do it every day.

Schedule an appointment, take charge of your health.

At Quality Health Care & Wellness Institute, We Know What We Are Doing.

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