Hormone Replacement Therapy offers immense health benefits for men and women in certain situations. Today let’s look at some critical facts about HRT for women.

Are you suffering from menopausal symptoms?

Having difficulty in managing your weight?

Have you had or considered a hysterectomy?

Are you looking to improve health or prevent disease?

It is important to understand a few facts in order to determine if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is right for you, and what types of therapy are the safest and most effective.

  1. Bio-identical hormones are understood to be safe when used appropriately under the care of an experienced physician.
  2. Synthetic hormones (such as Provera) have been shown to have adverse health affects like increased risk of stroke.
  3. Premarin, while natural, is not bio-identical and I do not recommend it.
  4. The way Hormone Replacement Therapy is administered is important for safety and effectiveness.
  5. A holistic approach involving nutritional and lifestyle modifications are often necessary.
  6. BHRT can help women in medical menopause thus avoiding serious health consequences.
  7. You can learn more about Hormone Replacement Therapy for women here and for men here.


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