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Why Test the Hormones?

Hormones can be a useful part of many different treatment strategies. The hormone profile is a comprehensive look at all the major hormones. By measuring all the major hormones together and at one time, one can determine their interactions and how to optimize their balance. Good hormones are like clean oil in the engine. Hormones make everything function better when they are optimal. They improve stamina, cognitive function, and general well-being. They reduce heart disease, improve bone density, and prevent aging and conditions of aging such as neurologic conditions, diabetes and even some cancers. The key to healthy hormone use is testing levels to make sure hormones are in normal range, but also in balance with one another. Hormone health can be a life changing event for many people. Restoring balance gives people a since of youthfulness and returned self. Hormones working together in concert are critical for proper functioning and prevention of many age related conditions. A decision to use either serum or salivary hormone testing is multifactorial. Dunwoody Labs sees the merit of both under certain circumstances and makes both available. Specific Male and Female profiles are also available. Also available on request is di-hydroxytestosterone.

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