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Initial Screen

Initial Screen

This initial screen is designed to ensure health in your patient. It allows you to screen for extreme conditions so that you treat patients who can be safely addressed and refer out those who need special services. In addition to monitoring for organ decline, there are a number of markers that will give nutritional information and are fundamental to integrative medicine and health.

Included Analytes

This profile includes:

    • Complete Thyroid Profile
    • Growth hormone which improves sleep, tissue health, and stamina
    • Vitamin D to improve cognitive function, bone health and  cardiovascular health
    • RBC Magnesium to aid 1000s of metabolic reactions in the body every second
    • Liver markers such as ggt which let us know about oxidative stress and glutathione need
    • Uric acid as a warning sign of blood sugar dysregulation

While many labs offer basic screening, others do not provide reports and references as to what this means from a pathologic stand point as well as a nutritional standpoint.

Also, our representation of reference ranges will not just show “high” and “low” but  will show dysfunctional and optimal. This allows you to monitor and treat trends  before they become a pathology.

Basic Initial Screen

Various break-out profiles can be ordered to monitor systems as needed. These include:

    • CBC
    • Chemistry Screen
    • Customized Permutations

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