Dr. Deepti
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Dr. Deepti Sadhwani

As a little country girl in India I would play alone all day in the jungle barefooted and wearing a simple
frock wandering aimlessly without supervision. I believe this sense of freedom and being one with nature
allowed my brain to develop without boundaries and to be filled with wonders, always looking for more
in what God created.

It was my brother that discovered my level of intelligence and my gift in sciences that he brought this to
my fathers attention. My brother was in Medical school at the time and told my father that I should
become a doctor. This was not customary in my culture. Instead, it was expected that a marriage would be
arranged and I would have children and maintain a household.

Why It All Began

My mother, Dr. Deepti Sadhwani, is incredibly devoted to humanity. It is said that all things happen for a
reason. It seems that the reason for my diagnosis changed the course of her medical career and thus she
has helped and healed countless patients.