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Areas of Practice

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement For Both Men & Women

Our experienced and highly trained practitioners ensure safe and effective bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as part of a comprehensive approach to health. Don’t trust your vitality to anything less.

7 Hormone Replacement Therapy Facts You Should Know
Weight Management & Inflammation Control

Your metabolic health (how well your body converts food into energy for all the processes needed for optimal health) is the foundation to wellness. We believe, “Let food be thy medicine”.

Why Diets Don’t Work
Prenatal Nutrition For Better Outcomes

Epigenetics represents the newest area of genetics that demonstrates how the diet can modify gene expression by silencing certain sections of some genes, opening up other sections of other genes, or modifying protein expression from the expressed genes by microRNA. Many of these epigenetic effects can be modified by an anti-inflammatory diet.

1 in 68 Children Will Be Diagnosed With Autism
Diabetes / Metabolic Diseases

Diabetes Type 2 can often be reversed through simple nutritional and lifestyle changes. Our focus goes beyond managing the disease. Patients come to us to improve their lifestyle, often leading to reduction or elimination of insulin therapy.

1 in 3 adults on the verge of diabetes
Childhood Obesity

We understand that the needs of children will differ from those of adults, but sound nutrition is the same regardless of age. The entire family can get healthy by first recognizing the need in the children to reverse the effects of obesity and then everyone will see that with a few simple changes good health is very achievable.

Are We Deluding Ourselves on the Obesity Issue?
Reversal of Chronic illnesses

Our genes cannot be changed, but their expression can. The expression of our gene is often controlled by gene transcription factor that can be affected by both hormones and specific nutrients.

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Our MediSpa offers services such as Restylane filling, VI peel for your skin, VascuTouch, Belotero, Botox, and more. We focus on non-surgical cosmetic treatment and aim to maximize the yield from our products. Our non-intrusive approach is in line with our holistically guided practice.

Brands we Offer
Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is done by a licensed massage therapist with various modalities including laser. Various massages including deep tissue, restorative, and chiropractic massage are offered.

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