Everyone thinks of calorie restriction and that does not address the underlying causes of weight gain.

Think hormonally.

Maintaining the correct balance of insulin is key to healthy weight. Insulin is your metabolism’s master hormone to control your blood sugar by storing excess energy in the form of fat.

Most Americans suffer from hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. Which means basically your pancreas is on over-drive and never gets a break and your body keeps getting less and less responsive to insulin. That messes up a whole cascade of vital cellular processes in your body leading to inflammation and various chronic diseases the most notorious of which is diabetes.

Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis and Alzheimer’s are also results of poorly controlled blood sugar and insulin levels.

Carbohydrates can be your enemy. The more carbohydrates you eat [bagels, chips, processed foods, pasta, rice, cereal, etc.], the more insulin you produce. What is the number one predictor of Heart Disease? It is high levels of insulin. If you are shaped like an apple, chances are you have a high level of insulin.

You do not have to starve yourself and be miserable to lose weight. You simply have to change what you eat. What it takes for weight loss is knowledge of what foods to eat and how to combine foods to prevent fat storage.

Treat carbohydrates as a drug. You need a certain amount, however, don’t overdo it. Check the glycemic index before choosing your carbs. Avoid high fat, high carb meals. Fat is actually an essential nutrient, but it was never intended by nature to combined with high carb meals like it is today. Fettuccine Alfredo, Pizza… Fast Food… all high carb/high fat. Once in a while is not a big deal, but everyday is a path to pain, suffering and premature death.

So stop thinking about what diet will help you lose weight, and start gaining a better understanding of the food you eat and what it does to your body. Soon it will be second nature to eat in ways that keep the fat at bay.

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